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For all song submissions, please email us with 1 or 2 mp3s and a short bio about the band. Alternatively, you can email  a download link, especially if there are multiple tracks.

Broadcast quality is 320kbps for mp3's.

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About the Station

The New Zealand Hard Rock Station is devoted to playing kiwi rock and hard rock around the clock, 24/7, with the exception of one international song every half hour, as picked by the host site, radionomy. (this is part of the broadcasting agreement).


The Station is an extension of the popular NZ Hard Rock Show and plays the full catalogue from the show plus much more.. Daily programming is seperated into themed segments. (see programming timetable).


The Station, like the show, is a strong supporter of independent & unsigned  artists who are struggling to get airplay on commercial stations. The philosophy of the station is all about supporting the kiwi artist, from rock, hard rock, punk, alternative rock, heavy metal, and some hard core. We will be having speciialised shows for most sub genres.


The bottom line is to keep it kiwi all the way. Obviously we are still bound by the advertising and broadcasting requirements of the host site where the station streams from (Radionomy), so there will be one international song played every half hour, as picked by radionomy.

DJ Kingz is the core radio programmer and all the programming that he does is 100% kiwi rock, most of which is from independent & unsigned kiwi artists.

The NZ Hard Rock Station is here to give free exposure for independent/unsigned NZ bands & artists. Commerically signed artists will NOT be played on the show accept for songs that were released prior to their signing. Some signed bands may be played on the show, but only with their



If any musicians, artists, bands, or band managers have a problem with their music getting played on this station, then they should let us know immediately, so their music can be removed from the station.  





Station is NOT broadcasting

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